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Win Sniffer is a packet monitoring and sniffing tool
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Win Sniffer is a packet monitoring and sniffing tool. It was designed for password sniffing and it can supposedly sniff the following protocols: FTP, POP3, HTTP, ICQ, SMTP, Telnet, IMAP, and NNTP. It also can monitor incoming and outgoing traffic to reveal both user names and passwords. I say "supposedly" because I wasn't able to get most of these protocols to work.

The application is very different from other sniffers that I have tried in the past. Instead of showing you every single packet that goes through the network, Win Sniffer will only show relevant packets that contain user names and passwords. It will also format those packets so that the average user can understand them. So, instead of showing a huge URL, Win Sniffer shows an origination and destination IP address, a protocol and a user name, and password combination. The trial version, however, won't reveal any passwords. You can then arrange the results in any way you want.

In my testing, I could only get Win Sniffer to detect FTP traffic. I entered Microsoft's anonymous FTP site and the sniffer got an entry almost instantaneously. It got the user name well and both my IP and the server's IP were accurate. That is all I could get the application to do. I checked my e-mail with a desktop client and nothing, logged in to several websites and nothing.

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  • The results are formatted so that they are easy to understand and information is clear


  • FTP was the only protocol that I could successfully sniff


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